Community Partners

Senior Solutions works with a broad spectrum of community partners, including senior centers, housing authorities, health care providers, social service agencies, family and community centers, food shelves, community cares organizations, utility companies, fraternal organizations, faith-based communities, town boards, veterans groups, private businesses, and more. By working together, we can provide the highest quality and broadest spectrum of services to help older Vermonters live their lives in security and dignity.

Whether you have a long-term partnership in mind, an idea for a specific project, are seeking training for your staff on an issue related to supporting seniors, or would like a speaker on a topic of interest, Senior Solutions is eager to to lend our support.  Please call Executive Director Mark Boutwell at (802) 245-3688 to explore the possibilities.


100% Campaigns

On a periodic basis, Senior Solutions partners with local organizations to create highly visible, localized campaigns to raise awareness of food and fuel benefit opportunities. These campaigns last a full month, and include mailings to all residents, attractive informational brochures, and scheduled “open hours” in the community to assist with 3SquaresVT food benefit applications and a variety of fuel assistance mechanisms, including regular seasonal fuel assistance (“LIHEAP”) and Green Mountain Power electric assistance programs. Recent campaigns in Putney, Chester, and Andover saw dozens of families assisted as multiple organizations in each town pooled their resources to see “Every Resident Food and Fuel Secure!,” which has become the rallying cry of these efforts.