Staying Safe & Healthy

No matter where you live as you grow older, staying safe and healthy will help you age with dignity. 


Home Meds
Staying Safe and Healthy
Home Meds is a nationally recognized program that helps reduce medication-related problems and dangers. We inventory your medicines and usage, then consult with a pharmacist to identify any concerns. Learn more and see if you should participate. 

Meds Disposal

We can help you dispose of unused medicines safely by picking them up from your home.  Contact the HelpLine for more information 1-802-885-2669 or 1-866-673-8376 (toll-free).

Exercise and Fall Prevention Program

Maintaining good physical and mental health helps you age successfully. It’s never too late to reduce your stress, develop greater stamina, or increase your strength and flexibility. You may want to improve your balance, strengthen your bones, or control your weight. Before beginning a new exercise program, is best to check with your doctor.

  • Learn about our Tai Chi for Falls Prevention classes. 
  • A Matter of Balance classes help you manage concerns about falls. 
  • Water-based and Land-based Aerobics, the Arthritis Foundation’s Aquatic Exercise Association’s program, keeps hearts, lungs, and limbs active and healthy. 
  • There are plenty of other excellent fitness programs available throughout our community. For more information, visit our Resources page.

Mental Health 

(For more information about any of the following programs, call the HelpLine)

  • PEARLS is a counseling program that can help you cope with the ups and downs of everyday life. If you’ve been feeling blue, or lost interest in doing things, and you want to learn how to manage challenges with skill and creativity, you may benefit from PEARLS. We’ll teach you how to recognize the symptoms of depression, offer problem-solving strategies, and guide you to social and physical activities designed to help you feel better about yourself and others. Learn more here.   
  • Elder Care is a joint venture between Senior Solutions and Health Care and Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont (HCRS). Working closely together in several locations, we provide comprehensive mental health support to people 60 years and older who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Our goal: to help older Vermonters live with respect, dignity, and independence in their own homes and communities.   
  • Preventing and Reporting Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation We are mandated reporters, meaning that you or your caregivers, neighbors, or friends can and should come to us with ANY concerns about physical, emotional, or financial mistreatment, neglect or exploitation. Our staff are trained to watch out for you. We work closely with the Vermont Department of Adult Protective Services. We also work with Vermont Legal Aid’s Ombudsman program, and Elder Law Project which focuses on the legal needs of people over 60, including the investigation of elder abuse.
  • Staying Connected & Engaged If you are housebound, we can help you feel less isolated by staying in touch on the phone. We can connect you to visitors who bring you what you need and provide companionship. And if you are able to leave your home, we’ll tell you about programs and places where you can meet and greet friends and neighbors as you share a meal or participate in healthy activities.


We provide computers and other devices to help reduce social isolation and facilitate telemedicine visits. 


We know how hard it can be to get around in Vermont if you don’t drive. Senior Solutions collaborates with public transit providers to identify transportation solutions for you. This may include a van, a taxi, or a volunteer driver. Learn more here.