History, Mission, & Values

Our History

Established in 1973, our organization was first incorporated in 1985 as Senior Services of Southeastern Vermont.  In 1991, we became the Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont, Inc. In 2011, to reflect an expanding array of services, we changed our name to Senior Solutions. One of five Area Agencies on Aging in Vermont, we receive funding from individuals, foundations, the state of Vermont, and the federal government. Through the federal Older Americans Act, we provide services to residents 60 years and older.  

Our Mission

To promote the wellbeing and dignity of older adults. 

Our Vision

We believe every person should be able to age in the place of their choice with the support they need and the opportunity for meaningful relationships and active engagement in their community.

Our Values

  • We honor and respect the life experience and autonomy of Vermont’s older adults.
  • We recognize the essential role of families, caregivers, and communities in the lives of older adults.
  • We foster a work environment where creativity, open-mindedness and resourcefulness are expected; our employees are compassionate, respectful, and responsive to the needs and wishes of our clients.
  • We are committed to maintaining strong community partnerships to assure our clients’ varied needs are met and to collectively strengthen the infrastructure of support for older adults.
  • We embrace our role as advocates for older adults, including speaking out about current issues, identifying unmet needs, proposing solutions, and believing that our collective voices can bring about change.