Directly Serve Seniors

Vet to Vet, Senior Solutions Vistior Program, Gordon BestIsolation and lack of transportation are major issues for Vermont’s older adults. Loneliness is even associated with higher rates of depression and dementia. Volunteering with Senior Solutions, you can help local elders overcome these challenges. Some of our volunteers provide home visits and companionship that can lead to long-lasting friendships.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to determine  which volunteer opportunity might be a good fit for you.

We have several volunteer programs that help elders at home. Each has different volunteer enrollment criteria:

  • Vet to Vet matches military veterans with veteran clients.
  • Telephone Reassurance is open to all and is a great way to volunteer without leaving your home.
  • Senior Companions is a Federally supported program that provides a small hourly stipend; volunteers are aged 55+, and meet requirements for income level and hours served. 
  • Friendly Visitors is a program that accepts volunteers of all income levels, ages, and time commitments.
  • Respite Care volunteers get advanced training and spend time with higher-needs clients to provide relief for family caregivers.
<p>“Volunteering with Senior Solutions been a really good experience for me. It’s a really great organization, and I enjoy working with the Home Visitor Program staff. I know what we do is having a positive impact on people’s lives. I feel really good about that.”</p> <p> </p>
Mike Magner, Senior Solutions Volunteer

Mike Wagner

Home Visitor Program volunteer
<p>“It’s fulfilling to me, as well as to the people I’m visiting.”</p>
Senior Companions Program volunteer

Elizabeth Cole

Senior Companion Program volunteer

Explore our Services section for information about receiving volunteer visits or assistance.