Annual Reports

Annual Reports

The annual report highlights how Senior Solutions serves the community. Read about our volunteers or the participants in our programs with featured stories. See the actual numbers of those we have helped across many programs and descriptions of some the programs that we have to offer.  Plus, the breakdown  of revenue that comes into our non-profit and the expenses that go out.

2019 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Area Plan for the Future

A New Area Plan for the Future –Every three years, Senior Solutions develops a new area plan which lays out a framework for how we provide services under the guidelines of the federal Older Americans Act.
As the designated Area Agency on Aging for the southeastern Vermont region, Senior Solutions has the responsibility to plan and develop a comprehensive and coordinated system of services and supports for older adults and family caregivers in its designated service area, targeting those in greatest economic and social need. Since the Older Americans Act outlines how we serve the public, we want to hear from you about how well this plan reflects your needs. Download a copy of the full Area Plan