Nonprofits Launch Putney100% Campaign

| Senior Solutions News

Senior Solutions, the Putney Foodshelf, and Putney Community Cares have come together to launch a campaign to ensure that 100% of the residents of Putney are both food and fuel secure. These three organizations will engage in a month-long, intensive community-based campaign to clarify access to food resources and establish messaging that makes participation in these programs a community-strengthening endeavor.

During early September, every household in Putney will receive a personally addressed letter briefly describing food resources available in the town. Included in the letter will be a card listing the hours and location of the three organizations, contact information, and services provided by each. The card will address both food and fuel resources. This information will also be made available at town institutions. Volunteer staff from the three agencies will be promoting the campaign at town events, such as the Farmer’s Market. Senior Solutions thanks Thom Simmons, the 3SquaresVT outreach specialist, for his collaboration in developing this campaign.