Home Meds is our nationally recognized program that screens for common interactions between medications. We draw up a comprehensive client medication list detailing how each drug is being taken, with any possible adverse effects. Then, with a pharmacist, we assess your situation, bringing any concerns to your attention and, if you wish, to your health care providers. Our Pill Map helps you and your home caregiver keep a current list of medications, which you may show to doctors or emergency personnel. Home Meds and Pill Map are free to anyone 60 years of age or older in Windham or Windsor counties. We can also help you dispose of unused medicines safely by picking them up from your home. 

Why participate in HomeMeds?

HomeMeds is a free review of all your medications by a pharmacist. If you answer YES to some or all of these questions, you may benefit from a review:

• You see multiple doctors or fill prescriptions at multiple pharmacies
• You take over-the-counter drugs or supplements
• You have recently experienced a fall, dizziness, or unusual confusion
• You have recently been to the ER or hospital
• You take Cardiac Medications or diabetes medications

A staff member visits you at home to prepare a list of all your medications, including any over-the-counter drugs or supplements. This is reviewed by a specially trained pharmacist.

If any problems are found, the pharmacist will notify your doctors to make sure that you are only taking the medications that are right for you.

Free medication screenings help older adults to better understand their medications and potential adverse interactions between different medications, assess whether the medications are working for them, and keep track of medications. The screening information is sent to a geriatric pharmacist for assessment and follow-up. All seniors age 60 or older are welcome.

If you would like to request a HomeMeds assessment, please contact our HelpLine at 1-(802) 885-2669 / 1-(866) 673-8376 (toll-free) or email  info@SeniorSolutionsVT.org.

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