Errands Program Suspended for the Time Being

| Senior Solutions News

With the recent retirement of our wonderful staff member Patti Crimmin-Greenan who oversaw our Errands program, that program is being suspended and reformulated. The Errands program was started at the beginning of the pandemic when many older adults were afraid to go out and do grocery shopping or other errands for fear of contracting COVID. We were fortunate to have some wonderful volunteers step up during that public health emergency and assist their neighbors by picking up groceries or prescriptions for them and doing other essential errands.

Although the Errands program will no longer be arranging transportation supplied by our volunteers, clients with an ongoing relationship with an Errands volunteer may continue to benefit from this service if their volunteers are willing and available. We also will continue to reimburse such volunteers for their mileage. Equally important, our Errands volunteers will follow through on any appointments that were made before the Errands program’s cessation.

In the future, individuals who need transportation should call the Helpline to find out about other resources such as the MOOver or a Cares group in their area that may be able to assist them. The Helpline’s number is: 802-885-2669.