We know how hard it can be to get around in Vermont if you don’t drive.  Senior Solutions collaborates with a number of transit providers to identify transportation solutions for you. This may include a van, a taxi, or a volunteer driver.

Northern Windsor County & Southern Orange County

Tri-Valley Transit and Ticket to Ride

Serving Northern Windsor County and Southern Orange Counties, this program provides door-to-door transportation to a variety of destinations including grocery stores, medical appointments, work, errands, and social events. This is a free service for riders over the age of 60 and those with disabilities when there is no other transportation available in the household.

Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation 


Free transportation for Medicaid-eligible residents who need access to medical appointments.  This is a free service for all Medicaid-eligible residents of Orange and Northern Windsor Counties, who do not have access to a vehicle and need a medical transport. To be eligible, a person must be enrolled in the traditional Medicaid program.

Senior Meals Transport for Randolph, Bethel, Chelsea, Royalton, Hancock & Bradford


This program provides transportation for senior citizens from their homes to meal sites in Randolph, Bethel, Chelsea, Royalton, Hancock, and Bradford. These trips are usually coordinated by the senior center. Please contact your local senior center [link to Resources/General/Senior Centers] for details.

Windsor & Windham Counties

The MOOVER provides free door-to-door transportation for riders 60+ and for persons with ADA-defined disabilities. Call 1-888-869-6287 or 1-802-460-7433.

If you have an ADA-defined disability and live within ¾ mile of the Red Line or White Line in Brattleboro or a ¼ mile off the fixed route in Wilmington the bus can deviate from its route to give you a ride. For this service, you must call at least 24 hours (excluding weekends) in advance. (Wilmington 1-802-464-8487; Brattleboro 1-802-869-6287)

Medicaid Rides

If you are approved for Medicaid transportation, the MOOver provides free rides to non-emergency medical appointments. You must be a resident of Windham or southern Windsor County without access to a vehicle. This can be used for:

  • Non-emergency medical trips including prescription pickup.
  • Critical care trips for kidney dialysis and cancer treatments
  • Congregate meal sites and meals on wheels deliveries
  • Congregate shopping trips
  • Personal care trips

Additional Options

Senior Solutions contracts with other community organizations to provide transportation programs for people over 60 or living with a disability.  These agencies can be contacted for additional transportation needs:

  • The Thompson 1-802-457-3277
  • Bugbee Senior Center 1-802-295-9068
  • Westminster Cares 1-802-722-3607
  • Putney Cares 1-802-387-5593
  • Guilford Cares 1-802-579-1350
  • Valley Cares 1-802-365-4115
  • West Wardsboro Baptist Church 1-802-874-418
  • Volunteers in Action (Windsor area) 1-802-674-5971