The Foxy Fund helps “Thea” and her pets

| Senior Solutions News

This fund provides grants to low-income seniors in southeastern Vermont to assist with unexpected costs of caring for their pets.

“Thea” is a single senior on a fixed income who lives alone in a modest mobile home. We had worked with Thea for several years, having helped her with 3 Squares food benefits, seasonal fuel assistance, farmer’s market coupons, and other services.  One day Thea came into our offices on the verge of tears.

“I just received this notice from the state. Since my social security increased and the pandemic is over, I’m losing almost all of my food benefits.”

Naturally, our first thought was to see if we could locate other food resources for her. But we soon realized that what was troubling here went beyond her personal food needs.

“I have two dogs – one large sweetheart, and a smaller, older guy – and four cats.  They’re all I have.  And I haven’t been able to afford pet food in a long time, so I share my “people food” with them.  Now I can’t even do that.  What am I going to do?”

Indeed, on a trip to her home that week, we discovered small clumps of raw chopped meat in her cat’s dishes – the last of her meat for the month.

We immediately added Thea to our Foxy Fund pet food distribution program.  Unable to carry heavy packages, she placed an old wheelchair on her front porch, which serves her as a wheelbarrow.  We delivered 50 pounds of quality dry dog and cat food to her, which she stores in the wheelchair to move around the house as necessary.  Each month she receives another delivery – and she is more than excited to tell tales of her furry companions each month to her delivery driver.

Donations are needed now to replenish the fund. If you would like to help elders with pet care needs, you can make donations online or by mail:

  • Mail your donation to us. Please click here and mail the donation form to our offices at 38 Pleasant Street, Springfield, VT 05156. Please be sure to write “Foxy Fund” in the memo field of your check.
  • Make a donation online. Please click here to visit our donation portal on Network for Good and identify “Foxy Fund” in the designation box.

For more details about the Foxy Fund read more here or please call our offices at 1-802-885-2655.