Brattleboro Food Coop Names Senior Solutions as “Commitment to Community” Partner

| Senior Solutions News

Last month, the Brattleboro Food Coop and Senior Solutions joined forces in recognition of the two organizations’ common dedication to improving the lives of area residents.  The cooperative’s “Commitment to Community” program identifies organizations that exemplify its seventh principle, “Concern for Community.”  Senior Solutions is the first and only organization dedicated exclusively to improving the lives of seniors to be named by the cooperative among its seventeen partner organizations.  On a practical level, this means that shareholders of the Coop who volunteer with Senior Solutions will receive a 5% discount on purchases. For every 2 hours a shareholder volunteers, they receive a month’s worth of discounts on Coop groceries. Volunteer opportunities include a variety of options, including serving at meal sites, meal delivery, assisting clients with shopping and errands, bagging pet food, visiting with older Vermonters, teaching art and tai chi classes, and even performing office duties. Interested shareholders should email Thom at or call him at 802-797-4532 to discuss volunteer options. For more details on the program, read the announcement here.

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