February is American Heart Month!

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Our HomeMeds Program can help with your medication regimen.

According to the CDC, more than three-quarters of seniors live with hypertension, so maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system should be an important goal for all of us.  A healthy diet, keeping our weight in check, staying active, limiting alcohol intake, and getting a good, restful sleep are all important elements of a heart-healthy plan.  But we also know that the average American senior takes four or more prescription medications daily, and often these medications will interact in ways that affect our ability to do just that!

HomeMeds is our nationally recognized program that screens for common interactions between medications. We draw up a comprehensive client medication list detailing how each drug is being taken, with any possible adverse effects. Then, with a pharmacist, we assess your situation, bringing any concerns to your attention and, if you wish, to your health care providers. Read more about this free program that we offer.