In Our Voices – Long-Term HIV Survivors Speak Out

| Senior Solutions News

Those who were in their twenties when the AIDs crisis began in the 1980s are now in their sixties.  Medical advances have made it possible to live long, fulfilling lives for those who are HIV positive; in fact, a majority of Americans who are HIV positive are now aged 55 or older. Many of these “long-term survivors” live at the intersection of stigma from a feared disease, ageism, and living as a gender and/or sexual minority.

Through a generous 2023 grant by the Vermont Community Foundation, Senior Solutions will be developing programming to address the unique issues faced by this growing senior community. Working with Main Street Arts of Saxtons River and their roster of affiliated artists, we will initiate a special expressive arts project next month designed especially for long-term HIV survivors. Then in June 2024, we expect to present a public program where their work will be presented in a celebratory event. For further info or to get involved, call our HelpLine at 802-885-2669, and ask to be connected with Thom.