Free Medicare Classes; Open Enrollment Begins Oct. 15th

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Unsure about Medicare’s eligibility criteria? Worried about out-of-pocket costs? Wondering what Medicare does or doesn’t cover? Confused about who pays first, Medicare or another insurance?  Uncertain of yours or your loved one’s rights under Medicare? Our classes, providing unbiased information, are ideal for anyone who will be signing up for Medicare in the near future.

Click here for more information on: 

How to enroll in Medicare
How each part of Medicare—A, B, and C— works
The difference between Medicare supplement plans and advantage plans
The different enrollment periods of Medicare
How other insurance works with Medicare
How to find state programs that help cover Medicare cost for people in a certain income brackets
Where to call for further assistance

We have been offering virtual classes using Zoom. Although a computer is not required to participate in a Zoom class, there are a lot of visual materials presented, so accessing Zoom online provides you access to the power point presentations. Classes are held on the first Thursday of each month and take place at 11:00am.

If you would like to register for an upcoming Zoom class, call toll-free 866-673-8376 or 802-885-2669. You must have an email address to be able to use Zoom or to receive the registration link for the Zoom class, Request Registration Link .

Open Enrollment for Current Medicare Participants

To all who are currently enrolled in a Medicare Plan, Open Enrollment begins on October 15th.  This is your opportunity to evaluate how well your current plan meets your needs.  To determine if both your financial situation and your current health care needs are being met, feel free to call our HelpLine at 802-885-2669.  You may change your plan any time between October 15 through December 7th.  Your new plan will begin on January 1, 2024, so long as your premium is paid.