Brattleboro 100% Campaign Kicks Off This Month!

| Senior Solutions News

Four local organizations – Senior Solutions, the Brattleboro Senior Center, Foodworks Food Pantry, and St. Brigid’s Kitchen & Pantry – have come together to strengthen each household in Brattleboro during the month of October.  This is to be accomplished through an intense, community-based, collaborative effort designed to reach each household with clear, concise information regarding the availability of resources, and to assist them in participating, applying and obtaining these benefits.

Last week, every household received a letter briefly describing on-going programs providing help with food and fuel resources available. Included in the letter was a 4 x 9 card listing the contact information of the organizations and services provided by each. This information will also be made available at town institutions, churches, stores, and libraries.

In addition, the Senior Solutions Outreach Team will be holding ‘open hours’ to answer any questions residents may have related to the 3SquaresVT food benefits and Fuel Assistance programs, and to help them apply, at multiple locations. The Brattleboro Reformer published a full-page ad detailing these opportunities, the details can be found here.