“Walk With Ease” New Wellness Program

| Senior Solutions News

Senior Solutions is offering a new wellness program.  Studies have shown that walking promotes better health.  To help us all get started on this habit safely, we are adopting the Arthritis Foundation’s evidence-based walking program.

No matter what level of fitness you find yourself at, there is a way to get started.  What are some of the benefits of walking?  We can benefit from weight loss, stress control, improved balance, stamina, and overall health. This is for everyone, beginners to those who have always been physically fit.

The Walk With Ease program provides personal lessons on walking, breathing, gentle stretching and information about joint pain.  As a participant you will receive a book to record your walking progress.  Nothing encourages us more than seeing our success.  This program is structured for both individuals and for group activities.  If you put a group together our Nutrition & Wellness Director, Thom Simmons will help you get it started.  He is a Certified Program Leader with the Arthritis Foundation.  Call Thom now at (802) 755-7295 and get started on this 6-week walking habit. This program is ideal for a housing complex, a church group, a senior center, or any organization you belong to.  Call Thom now. Get out and enjoy the summer!