Wanda was helped by Senior Solutions and the Foxy Fund

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This fund provides grants to low-income seniors in southeastern Vermont to assist with unexpected costs of caring for their pets.

Wanda was a very independent senior in her nineties, who lived in the same house she was born in, along with her two senior cats, Cheddar and Mocha. Due to her low fixed income, Wanda was on a number of benefit programs that Senior Solutions had helped her with throughout the years. We would always look forward to phone calls from Wanda, who would call perhaps once a month to tell us about an argument she had with a supermarket over accepting her EBT card, or some other trials and tribulations she had with various state offices. And of course, the phone call would always end with a tale about her two furry companions.

One day the telephone call we received at the office was very different: Wanda had fallen and broken her hip, and had been admitted to a hospital where she was expected to remain to recuperate for quite some time.  Her nurse had called us because Wanda could think of nothing else then worrying about how her cats would be taken care of while she was away.  She had insisted on calling us, and the nurse was given little choice but to follow through on her behalf.

Immediately the Foxy Fund sprang into action: We were able to gain access to her house and bring large bags of her cats’ favorite brand of food, and were then able to work with neighbors and other people in our network to make sure the cats were fed and watered properly while Wanda was away.  Wanda even placed two more calls from her hospital beds to keep an eye on us and make sure her cats were in good hands!

The cats were fine, and Wanda returned home to a happy reunion!

Donations are needed now to replenish the fund. If you would like to help elders with pet care needs, you can make donations online or by mail:

  • Mail your donation to us. Please click here and mail the donation form to our offices at 38 Pleasant Street, Springfield, VT 05156. Please be sure to write “Foxy Fund” in the memo field of your check.
  • Make a donation online. Please click here to visit our donation portal on Network for Good and identify “Foxy Fund” in the designation box.

For more details about the Foxy Fund read more here or please call our offices at 1-802-885-2655.