Volunteer Spotlight: Betsy Judson

| Senior Solutions News

Many of the seniors we work with are isolated, live alone, and have little contact with family or friends.  This is where our volunteers have become an indispensable and integral part of our programs.

One recent example involves an 81-year-old veteran in Brattleboro, who was served by our volunteer Betsy Judson.  Betsy would take him shopping once or twice a month. She noticed that this man was having “spells” (as he called them) of weakness and dizziness, making it very difficult for him to even complete his grocery shopping. On one such occasion, she assisted him back to the car and into his home and offered to call 911; he flatly refused, stating he “has had these episodes and they pass.” After encouragement from Betsy, he called his son who did provide closer follow-up; the 81-year-old agreed that he could no longer safely live alone unassisted, and he moved into more appropriate living facilities in the community.

We are thankful to our volunteers who unselfishly offer their time and encouragement to our recipients, who might otherwise struggle to get their needs met. This month we thank Betsy Judson.

“In the late winter of 2022 I decided to look for a way to be helpful to those in our community who needed errands done or rides to appointments.  I had learned about Senior Solutions from Green Mountain RSVP.

“Since then I’ve been doing grocery shopping, giving rides in my car and helping people with tasks such as letter writing. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some new folks, learning about their interesting lives over the years in Brattleboro and helping them out. Their appreciation does me good as well!” – Betsey Judson

For more information on how to become a volunteer with Senior Solutions, give us a call or read more about our Volunteer Opportunities.