Is Shared Housing Right for You?

| Senior Solutions News

From the time we are born, most of us have lived with others for a great part of our lives. But today, 29% of our Vermont seniors live alone –  and according to a 2019 study by U Mass, “Living Below the Line,” nearly half of them do not have enough income to cover basic needs.

One approach to remedying financial security, as well as to foster increased social interaction, is the concept of shared housing.

Having a great housemate can save you money and help you live a healthier, more connected, and comfortable life. But how do you avoid the nightmare housemate?

A recent episode of “Keeping Up With Senior Solutions” featured, Annamarie Pluhar, the founder of Sharing Housing.  Pluhar explained how the concept could potentially help many aging Vermonters save money and provide safe and comfortable housing that is in such short supply.  Her organization provides resources to help you examine this possibility, clearly explained on her website at

To watch the full half-hour interview, simply click in the following link:

VIDEO: Shared Housing Programs for Seniors