Grant Funds Available to Assist Caregivers

| Senior Solutions News

Senior Solutions invites caregivers to participate in two different grant programs that provide direct financial assistance to help ‘give them a break’ from the daily needs of caring for loved ones with dementia or other debilitating conditions. These two programs, the Dementia Respite Grant and the National Family Caregiver Support Grant, provide funding that allows households to hire others to provide some periodic care of their loved ones.

The Dementia Respite Grant provides up to $1500 per year to allow unpaid caregivers to hire someone to care for family members living with dementia. Caregivers can hire a Registered Nurse, a Personal Attendant, or others.  This program requires a doctor’s diagnosis or verification of Alzheimers or Dementia-related conditions, and is restricted to moderate to low-income persons. Income limits are $44,770/year for a single person, and $54,930/year for a couple. Applicants may not be participating in another respite grant program.

The National Family Caregiver Support Grant provides up to $1,000/year, but has fewer restrictions.  It is available to those caring for anyone with a “health condition that requires assistance,” such as Parkinson’s, loss of mobility, etc.  There are no income restrictions and a doctor’s note is not required.

For questions about either of these grants, please contact the HelpLine at 802-885-2669.