Senior Solutions Area Plan 2021-2025

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An area plan is a comprehensive overview of the needs that have been assessed and the programs and the services that we have determined are a priority in our efforts to support our aging population.  Senior Solutions Area Plan is aligned with the Vermont Department of Aging and Independent Living in creating real solutions to the real problems that impact on the economic and physical health and welfare of older Vermonters.

Senior Solutions’ previous area plan for fiscal years 2019–2022 highlighted workforce and service delivery, housing, transportation, funding and financial security, and access to health care as top concerns of older adults and service providers. The impact of the pandemic has dramatically increased these areas of concern. This plan highlights the widening gap between the rising population of Vermonters ages 65 and older, and the diminishing population of younger service providers in the workforce. Senior Solutions and our community partners will be challenged to find creative ways to attract, educate, house, and employ the homemakers, personal-care attendants, LNAs, and care managers needed to support older Vermonters as they choose to live in the settings of their choice.

The pandemic has highlighted underlying vulnerabilities in rural communities. Despite these concerns, Senior Solutions is hard at work with area leaders creating opportunities to fortify efforts that address these longstanding challenges. In the face of these hardships, the pandemic has revealed the resilience and resourcefulness in our organization and in our communities.

Download a copy of the complete Senior Solutions Area Plan for 2021-2025