Rockingham Vet Clinic Raises Over $400 for Foxy Fund

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This past weekend, the staff at the Rockingham Veterinary Clinic on Main Street in Chester sponsored a delightful “Photos of Pets with Santa” event at their offices. On Friday night and Saturday, residents brought their cats, Dobermans, Retrievers, Labradors, Bloodhounds, Chihuahuas, and other lovable critters to pose with Santa for holiday pictures. All of the voluntary donations went towards the Foxy Fund, Senior Solutions’ program that delivers pet food to home-bound seniors and assists with veterinary bills.  $404 was raised by the staff, who decorated the office and came outfitted as elves and helpers, and even the pets seemed excited at the prospect of meeting Santa.  Senior Solutions was present on-site to assist with the tail-wagging excitement.

Participants also took part in a contest to guess the number of Milkbones filling a huge glass jar. The contest was won by Fred Probst, whose guess of 300 was nearly spot-on: there were 297 treats in the jar!

Senior Solutions is very grateful for the effort put into the event by the Rockingham Vet Clinic, and looks forward to a continuing working relationship with this important community resource.

The Rockingham Veterinary Clinic staff.