Walk With Ease Programs

Bradley House (residents only)

65 Harris Avenue
Wednesdays, 10:00 am
Michael Jones – 802-254-5524

Brownsville Library
Mary Blood Library
Wednesdays 9:15 am
Ginger Mason – 802-484-7238

Neighborhood Connections
5700 Vermont Rte 100 Suite 1500, Londonderry
Thursdays, 10:15 am
Barbara Dailey – 802-824-4343

Latham Library
Thetford Elder Network
Fridays. Call ahead for time and weather cancellation info.
Sue Rump, 802-785-4029

Walk With Ease FAQ

I see this was developed by the Arthritis Foundation.  Is this only for people with Arthritis?
No!  It is approved for all seniors, including those with forms of arthritis and those without.  If you simply want to improve your fitness level, breathing or circulation, this is for you!

Do I have to be able to walk well to participate?
No!  Walk with Ease can be used by those with joint replacements, or who use assistive devices such as a cane or walker. It starts where you are comfortable, whether you have difficulty or have been walking vigorously for years.

Is this a Group Activity, or can I do it myself?
Walk with Ease is designed to work both ways!  The self-directed program allows you to do this on your own, and you will receive the same information and guidance as a group program.  The Group Program, however, often yields better results, due to the shared commitment and encouragement between members. In addition, the Group Program receives instruction each week by a certified leader in the program. In most groups, the Group will meet for instruction, warm up, and stretching exercises, and walk together one day a week, and then participants promise to walk twice more each week.  Of course, you may wish to walk with one or more members from the same group for encouragement and companionship!

What are the qualifications of the Group Leader?
The Group leader is certified by the National Arthritis Foundation, and has passed a teaching exam issued by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. For those who would like to become certified to lead other groups, Senior Solutions will financially sponsor new leaders!

Are any special shoes,  clothing or equipment needed?
Dress for the weather and your comfort!  Do not go out and buy new shoes – that is likely to cause blisters and be unpleasant for you.  If you use a walker or cane, bring it!

What if the weather or air quality is poor?
No one is expected to be uncomfortable, cold, wet, overheated, or experience breathing problems!  If possible, walking indoors or alternative walking days will be scheduled.

What is the cost?
Absolutely free to those 60 or over, and their spouses or caregivers regardless of age. We do have a simple registration form and liability release.

So how do I start?!
Call our HelpLine at 802-885-2669 to request a book for the Self-Directed Program. To arrange a new Group Program for your organizations, contact Nutrition & Wellness Director Thom Simmons directly. For existing Group Programs, see the schedule below and contact them directly.