Foxy Fund Receives $5,000 Disaster Relief Grant from Banfield Foundation

| Senior Solutions News

Banfield Foundation ® has awarded the Senior Solutions Foxy Fund $5,000 to assist with extraordinary expenses incurred by the Fund as a result of this past July’s flooding throughout Vermont.

The Foxy Fund is Senior Solutions’ program to assist seniors with food and veterinary care for their pets.  The July disaster created unanticipated and costly situations for clients with pets.  Thom Simmons, who oversees the program, said that in some cases seniors could no longer live in their homes, and were housed temporarily in hotels and lodges that did not permit pets.  These pets then needed to be boarded while suitable housing was found.  In other cases, pet food supplies were destroyed by the raging floodwaters, including a Ludlow sheep barn that was wiped out of hay.  In still other cases, pets that had survived the rising waters were caked in mud and needed grooming and other veterinary care.

“The Foxy Fund met the challenge, but it also left our funding precariously low, given our ongoing commitment to providing pet food and financial veterinary assistance to low-income seniors. We are extremely grateful that Banfield Foundation stepped in at the perfect moment to help us out.”

Since 2015, Banfield Foundation has been making preventive care possible for the pets that need it most. Through grants and partnerships, they provide medical supplies and resources to nonprofit partners in need; support pets, people and communities in crisis; and enable veterinary professionals to deliver compassionate and inclusive preventive veterinary care in underserved and diverse areas across the United States and around the world. They also leverage the expertise and passion of Banfield Pet Hospital, part of Mars Veterinary Health, and its Associates to care for pets in need. The Banfield Foundation is committed to living their collective purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. For more information, visit

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