Walk With Ease – A New Wellness Program for Improving Health!

| Senior Solutions News

Now that the warm weather is here, Vermonters of all ages love to get outside in the garden, the neighborhood, or along country roads.  Many of our seniors would benefit greatly from a gentle walking regimen, but worry about joint pain, stiffness, or falling.  Walk With Ease is an evidenced-based walking program developed by the Arthritis Foundation to help seniors get out and start a safe, healthy walking habit.  To quote the Foundation,

“Walking is an excellent and simple form of exercise that’s good for nearly everyone, from absolute beginners to people who have been physically fit for years.  Walking can help you gain all the benefits from exercise, from weight loss to stress control. Walking is easy to do and doesn’t require a health club membership, fancy shoes or equipment, or special training. You can do it with friends, loved ones, your pet, or on your own.”

The Walk With Ease program comes with personal lessons on walking, breathing, and gentle stretching, and information about joint pain.  Each participant receives a book enabling them to record their walking progress, so they can see actual improvement in their stamina and health. The Program can be accomplished as an individual, but is more fun as a weekly group activity. Thom Simmons, Senior Solutions’ Nutrition & Wellness Director, is a Certified Program Leader with the Arthritis Foundation, and would love to help your local group get started. While the program runs for 6 weeks, most people turn walking into a life-long habit, so get started this summer.  Call Thom at (802) 755-7295 and see what we can set up for your senior center, church, cares group, or housing site!