Vet To Vet

Vet to Vet Volunteer Program in Partnership with Senior Solutions, elder services, senior servicesIf you’re a military veteran, consider spending time in a way that provides companionship and support to fellow veterans through our Vet to Vet Vermont program in partnership with the American Legion Brattleboro Post 5. 

This is the same buddy system you enlisted in during basic training, and it’s just as important now as it was then. Contribute time and support to a veteran who would welcome a veteran companion. Make a difference in their life, and yours as well.

Requirements: You must be a veteran, and able to pass a background check. You may be of any age, income bracket, and time commitment in this volunteer role.

What can I expect as a Vet to Vet volunteer?

Activities: How you spend your volunteer time will depend partly on your interests and the needs of the person you’re helping. Here are some examples:

• Home visits & conversation
• Sharing projects & hobbies
• Phone calls
• Help with forms & correspondence
• Sharing a meal
• Exercise or outdoor activities
• Trips for shopping or appointments

What you can expect of us: We will provide ongoing support and training, mileage reimbursement, and occsional volunteer appreciation events where you can meet other volunteers.

What we will expect of you: You will perform your volunteer activities in accordance with Senior Solutions best practices, and will submit records of your volunteer hours served.  Contact the Helpline for more information.  802-885-2669.

If you were looking for information about receiving volunteer help, please click here