Volunteer Helpers & Companions

David Lane Walter Stover

David Lane (left) & Walter Stover “We’ve developed a bond doing things together. We’re good friends now. We’ve both gotten a lot out of the Vet to Vet program.” – Army Veteran Walter Stover


We match volunteers with homebound older adults to provide companionship, or to assist with shopping and other errands. We also have volunteers who will call on the phone regularly to chat and provide a safety check-in. Older veterans may request a veteran volunteer through our Vet-to-Vet program. Occasionally some volunteers may help with minor meal preparation or light housekeeping.  They do not provide snow shoveling or personal care, and cannot disburse medication. If you’re interested in getting matched with a volunteer, call our HelpLine to learn more.

If you’re looking for information on how to serve as a volunteer with Senior Solutions, visit our Volunteer page.

Since they were matched several years ago, veteran David Lane (on tractor) and his volunteer buddy Walter Stover have been enjoying outdoor activities together. “We’ve hiked around David’s property and even took a trip to Mount Tabor,” Walter said. “We brought sandwiches and spent a whole day up there. We had a lot of fun looking for signs of moose, beaver and deer.” On other occasions the Army veterans have gone out to lunch and talked. “We have a good time discussing what’s going on in the world,” Walter noted.