Director’s Note: Case Management surveys results

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Mark Boutwell, Executive Director

Mark Boutwell, Executive Director

Twice a year at Senior Solutions, we conduct case management program satisfaction surveys. Several staff members and I gather on a Saturday at the Springfield office to call clients for their feedback on how we are doing. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to hear directly from clients about how they perceive the services they receive, what we are doing well, and where we could make improvements.

We are an agency that values service. With more than 35 employees, we pride ourselves on providing person-centered assistance by a caring and highly knowledgeable staff.

Allow me to share a few quotes from clients receiving case management services from Senior Solutions:

“Our case manager is a wonderful person, clearly knows her job, and is very personable. We’ve met a lot of people who should not be working with the elderly, but she and your organization don’t belong in that category.”

“Our case manager and Senior Solutions are a wonderful blessing for people.We have multiple medical needs, and it has been possible for us to stay home.” 

I also get many thank-you notes recognizing strengths shown by our staff. Here’s one I received recently praising the work of our Medicare Specialist, Pati Kimball.

“With humor and grace, and her remarkable knowledge of how this convoluted system of ours works, she was able to find a [Medicare part D] plan with a formulary that covered my medication profile. A genuinely impressive feat that did not go unnoticed by all involved in my care…some of whom were already familiar with her skill. Thank you for her and I dare say other services you offer. Knowing Pati is there if I need her is a huge relief to this anxious old woman.”

To me, these words capture the standard of service we strive for across all our programs: humor, grace, and remarkable knowledge.

During this time when there is so much uncertainty, incivility, and danger in the world, it is heartening to know that the staff at Senior Solutions make an important difference in people’s lives. More than just delivering assistance, they are giving reassurance, warmth, hope, and caring. They are making it possible for older Vermonters to better sustain themselves emotionally and financially within the lifestyles of their choice. This is the mission of Senior Solutions, and I am grateful for such a dedicated staff who carry genuine warmth and expertise daily into their work.


Warm regards,