Farm-to-Family Coupons Available July 1

| Senior Solutions News

The State of Vermont will be making a limited number of free coupons available to seniors and those with disabilities for use at designated farm stands and farmer’s markets this season. Senior Solutions is preparing to help clients with transportation and mobility obstacles in obtaining these coupons to buy healthy, local, farm-fresh produce.  The coupon books will provide a total of $48 in buying power, in $6 increments. They can be used at 17 locations throughout our service area, see full list here, and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applicants must have incomes at or below $2,096/month (household of one) or $2,823/month (household of two.)  The simple application and proxy form, which allows Senior Solutions to obtain the coupons on your behalf, hand-deliver them to you and even assist with your purchase trips can be requested by calling our HelpLine the last week of June at 802-885-2669.