Meet Our HelpLine Staff – Mary Sanderson

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Mary Sanderson, HelpLine staff

Mary Sanderson, an Information, Assistance, & Referral Specialist, will be celebrating her fifth anniversary with Senior Solutions in May, and is our longest-serving HelpLine staff member.

A quick conversation with Mary reveals that she truly cares for people very deeply. So much so, that in spite of being an avid movie buff, she can’t watch horror films – because, as she says with a laugh, “I feel too much for the people in them!”

“I love helping people, especially those encountering financial issues,” she adds, listing a series of problems she has helped clients solve in just the last week, ranging from car repairs to electric shut-off notices. “People are so grateful, and that makes this such rewarding work.”

Even looking around the office, Mary naturally shows her keen interest in people, as she points out various pieces of art and identifies each by the artists’ name.  “I’m an empath,” she says, and her approach to helping clients combines both empathy for the person and skill in navigating a solution.

A native Vermonter, Mary works from her home in Ludlow where she loves to read, make jewelry, and cuddle with Guinness and Poppy, her two miniature shih-tzus.

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