Meet our HelpLine Staff: Lynn Watson

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Lynn Watson, Senior Solutions staff member

Lynn Watson, HelpLine staff member

When clients call the HelpLine, the first person they will speak to is Lynn Watson. On April 1, Lynn will be celebrating her third anniversary working “on the front lines” with Senior Solutions.  In those three years Lynn has literally helped thousands of clients with their questions and concerns. Lynn brings a wealth of knowledge to our Senior Solutions family, having worked previously for the Springfield Medical Care System as a Referral Specialist, bringing a strong knowledge of billing and insurance issues that often exasperate many of us.  Just as important, she also brings a friendly, warm, and truly caring approach to working with our clients.

“What we do at Senior Solutions is heart-touching,” she said. “I wish everyone could see how we come together as a team and solve problems for older Vermonters,” she added, with her infectious smile and “can-do” spirit.

“We are truly sympathetic to our clients needs. I would love them to know that while we may ask many questions when they call, we are doing so to make the process work and find the best possible solution to their problems.”


Lynn’s warmth extends to all areas of her life.  On the office wall behind her hangs one of many beautifully crafted hats that she made.  The others were gifted to the other ladies working on HelpLine issues, allowing them all to maintain some cheerful stylishness as they are working on their difficult problem-solving missions.

Lynn has lived in Springfield for 26 years, is married, and is a proud mom with four sons and 11 grandchildren.