HomeMeds & Pill Map presentation at free blood pressure clinic

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Anne White

Anne White, Community Outreach Nurse

Community Outreach Nurse Anne White, from Senior Solutions, will be at the Springfield Senior Center on Wednesday March 16th at 1pm. Anne will be offering a free blood pressure clinic and will be presenting a new FREE service offered to anyone 60 years of age or older in the Senior Solutions service area called HomeMeds & Pill Map. Anne will be available for questions at the time of presentation and can assist you with making an appointment. HomeMeds is a medication review program of both prescribed and over the counter medications and is designed to keep people at home and out of the hospital by addressing medication safety. HomeMeds reviews medications focusing on potential adverse effects, drug to drug interactions, and drug side effects, such as falls, confusion, and vital sign fluctuations, and determines if medications may be a part of the cause. Pill Maps works as a guide to help fill medications planners, identify medications, or in an emergency can be used as a tool to assist emergency responders with important information needed about a client’s medical conditions, medical history, emergency contacts, and medications. If brought to the hospital it can be used to identify a client’s PCP and pharmacy. Come, drop in, and meet Anne at the Springfield Senior Center on March 16th at 1 pm.