Person Centered Thinking Training Offered

| Senior Solutions News

A new training resource will soon be available at Senior Solutions. With the hiring of Lori Lintner, operations director, we now have the capability to provide certified Person Centered Thinking training throughout the state. Lori has embarked on getting recertified through The Learning Community as a Person Centered Thinking trainer.

Person centered thinking is a set of principles and core competencies that are the foundation for person centered planning. Person centered planning is a guided process for learning how someone wants to live at home, at work or in the community and developing a plan to help make it happen. Person centered thinking tools provide practical strategies for gathering meaningful information and facilitating conversations about goal setting, problem-solving and action planning. This process keeps the focus on the perspectives of individuals affected by the issue or outcome. Person centered thinking also provides a framework for building effective relationships and opens the door to greater collaboration and planning in partnership. This, in turn, increases the likelihood that the individual receiving services will be heard, valued, and better equipped to attain the quality of life they seek.

We are excited to have Lori with us and the prospect of supporting person  centered thinking and planning throughout Vermont.