New To Medicare

If you’re new to Medicare and haven’t yet enrolled, we recommend that you contact the Social Security Administration about three months before you expect to become eligible. Ask if you’re going to be eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B.

  • To learn about getting help paying, click here.
  • If you’re a Vermont resident and not able to understand your options using these internet resources, you may call our Senior HelpLine. Our SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program) staff can help you to compare the available plans and learn about payment assistance.
  • Navigating the various decisions about your health insurance coverage can be confusing, as the folks in these videos demonstrate. Be sure to get advice from SHIP, the experts!
  • You might want to take one of our free Medicare classes. To see the schedule click here, or call for upcoming dates and locations:  HelpLine 802-885-2669 /  1-866-673-8376 (toll-free).


Neighborhood Connections “New to Medicare” class