Exercise supports good physical and mental health as you grow older.

There are many exercise options for people with differing abilities, and many reasons to exercise. You might want to improve your balance, strengthen your bones, develop greater strength and stamina, counteract stress, increase your flexibility, or gain or lose weight.

Share your goals with a doctor, nurse, or physical therapist, and ask for guidance in planning your exercise. If you decide to pursue one of the options listed below, it’s best to check with your healthcare provider before starting.

Tai Chi Classes

Senior Solutions supports the Tai Chi classes in the area. Take a look at the list of classes and instructors here.

Exercise Tips

The National Institute on Aging has lots of ideas and resources to help you exercise. Even if you have limitations, you can probably find something that will work for you.  

Bone Builders

The RSVP Bone Builders Osteoporosis Prevention and Reversal Program is an effective combination of weight bearing, balance and stretching exercises, with nutritional information, and support for all stages of osteoporosis. Originally developed from the Strong Living Program of Tufts University, Bone Builders is a free, ongoing program open to all those with concerns about osteoporosis. Classes include standing and sitting exercises, using hand weights and ankle weights for resistance training.  

Upper Valley Aquatic Center 

UVAC in White River Junction offers several programs to benefit older adults, including Free Senior Friday from 9-11am on Fridays, NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT) for chronic pain and injury, 60/60 Physical Therapy Transition Program, and Well & Fit at UVAC for people who are sedentary, have physical impairments, or chronic pain and want to get active.