VIDEO: BCTV Talks with Older Vermonter Caucus

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Rep. Theresa Wood and Rep. Daniel Noyes gave wonderful information about the legislature and the issues they are working on.  Best of all they encouraged us all to communicate with them.  As Co-chairs of the Older Vermonter Caucus they steer legislation that will ultimately affect all of us. Some of us are caring for older parents, some of us are older individuals who have a shrinking circle of friends, relatives, and community connections.  Many older Vermonters no longer have parents who are living who can advocate for them.  They do not have teachers to speak for them.  Their community and social circles are shrinking due to health or mobility issues. As family and aging organizations it is up to us to advocate for aging Vermonters.

Realistically, we will all need assistance at some point in life.  Our responsibility is to recognize that and work to make sure it will be available for all of us. I look forward to being an active community member well into the future and wish the same for everyone else. By communicating with our legislators we can help them strive to fulfill this wish for all of us.

To contact Theresa Wood – State of Vermont website information page.

To contact Daniel Noyes – State of Vermont website information page.

To find out more about our volunteer programs that help our seniors locally, contact Senior Solutions HelpLine.