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Advance Directives (also known as Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Terminal Care Documents) are available in printed and downloadable form from the Vermont Ethics Network. Go to or call 802-828-2909. These are the standardized forms the state encourages everyone to use.

Client Assistance Program is an independent advocacy program, offering free and confidential services. You are eligible if you are applying for or receiving services from the following agencies: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired; Vermont Center for Independent Living; Vermont Association of Business, Industry, & Rehabilitation; Supported Employment; or, Transition Programs. Call CAP if you need help, have questions or need information, have been turned down by any of these agencies, think things are taking too long, have trouble communicating with your counselor, or are not getting the services you need. 1-800-769-6728 (TTY/Voice) or (802) 748-8721 (TTY/Voice).

Consumer Assistance Program is sponsored by the Vermont Attorney General and the University of Vermont. They help people with problems with goods or services they purchased, and provide information about consumer rights and responsibilities. Call 1-800-649-2424, or go to

Vermont Dept. of Disabilities and Aging – Adult Protective Services:

Vermont Dept. of Disabilities and Aging – Office of Public Guardian: A public guardianship program provides guardianship services to people 60 years of age and over for whom a suitable and willing private guardian cannot be found. Every effort to locate a suitable private guardian must be made before a public guardian may be appointed. The Office of Public Guardian is also available to provide information to the public about guardianship and its alternatives, and to assist private guardians in understanding and carrying out their duties. For more information, call 802-241-2663 .

Vermont Dept. of Disabilities and Aging – The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program assists residents of nursing homes and residential care homes and advocates on their behalf. The goal of the Ombudsman is to protect the safety, welfare, and rights of long term care residents while supporting the independence of each resident. Ombudsman staff visit nursing homes and speak with residents throughout the year, working to make sure that the residents’ rights are being upheld. Many community volunteers also donate their time to the ombudsman program.
For Windham and Windsor Counties, call 885-5181

Vermont Judiciary :

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