Join Our Advisory Council

The Senior Solutions Advisory Council, established pursuant to the Older Americans Act, represents the interests of elders and advises the agency on matters relating to elders, especially in their own communities, including:

  • Developing and administering the area plan
  • Conducting public hearings
  • Reviewing and commenting on policies, programs and actions that affect elders.

Advisory Council members usually meet monthly. Meetings are currently held at the Bellows Falls Senior Center on the last Wednesday of each month from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. In addition to the members of the Board, typically the Executive Director and a representative of the Board of Directors attend the meetings. Interested members of the community may also attend.

The meetings often feature educational speakers, updates on legislative issues and agency services.  Members are encouraged to share information so that staff and members can learn more about elder issues, challenges that exist for older adults and unmet needs.

Advisory Council members can advocate for seniors by learning more about elder issues, reporting back to their community any pressing issues and reviewing and commenting on policies, programs and actions that affect elders.

It is helpful if the Advisory Council member can attend their town meeting and support funding for Senior Solutions. In towns that require a petition for an agency to request funds at town meeting, a member will often volunteer to speak in favor of the agency at town meeting.

Advisory Council members may be encouraged when appropriate to contact their local legislator regarding a specific bill that could be beneficial or detrimental to seniors.  If this occurs, the issue would be explained thoroughly.

To learn more, contact director Carol Stamatakis at 802-885-2655.

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