Your Donation Sustains our Services

Each year Senior Solutions reaches out to the people of Southeastern Vermont with this special appeal to help make a difference in the lives of local seniors and their families. 

Some of our important programs have no government funding source, or must be matched by local funds. These programs exist because of the generosity of people like you who recognized their importance in the past. Please help with a contribution.
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Special Help Fund: When an elder has no other way to pay for a critical need, Senior Solutions makes sure the health or safety need is met. Examples: purchase assistive equipment, eyeglasses, or grab bars.

Senior Companions: Isolation is a health and safety risk factor for homebound elders. Our friendly visitors, who are seniors of low-to-moderate income, provide company and receive a small stipend.

Foxy Fund: We fill a crucial gap every time we cover an unexpected expense for a pet or service animal of an elder who has limited income. Companion animals help people feel better, in some cases replacing lost social contact after the death of family or friends.

We rely on your donations to sustain the services above.

Senior Solutions is committed to a future in which no senior’s needs fall through the cracks. Please join us in making this possible.  Click here to donate now.

We thank you for your support.Charitable donations support senior programs




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